For more than two decades at your service.

LE GROUPE BCS stands out in the sector of tenant background checks for landlords and employment verifications for entreprises.

Our tenant screening services  are the credit check in Canada, the criminal check in Québec and the  Régie du logement in Quebec.

In regards of the  pre-employment verifications , we offer, among others, criminal background checks in Quebec, criminal record checks in Canada and criminal background checks in all provinces of Canada in the RCMP National Directory and the credit check in Canada for employment.

The founder, Mario Simard, has several years of experience in investigation. His business is based on the development of effective solutions, the speed of responses and the relevance of the information obtained. Mario Simard is a graduate in law and administration.

The management is assumed by Claudia Cardenas, a graduate in business administration and investigation techniques. She is the person responsible for the protection of personal information and she remains available at all times by email at info@legroupebcs.ca

Our mission


Our mission is to provide excellent, detailed reports and help our clients make informed decisions that will allow them to achieve their goals.

Our vision

Always continue to excel in our expertise so that landlords and companies can turn to us for the information they need to quickly expedite decision-making around the tenant and employee selection process.

Our values

Integrity: We build business relationships based on honesty and trust by adhering to the highest ethical standards in our audits.

Commitment: We are invested in our verifications and  analysis in order to achieve the best results.